The Department of Marketing has a New Research Affiliate

Since March, the Marketing Department has had a new Research Affiliate – Dr. Grigorios Painesis.

Grigorios Painesis is a data analyst in the field of marketing. He received his Ph.D. from the Athens University of Economics and Business (Department of Marketing and Communication).

His selected publications include:

Theodorakis, I. and Painesis, G. (2018), The Impact of Psychological Distance and Construal Level on Consumer’s Responses to Taboos in Advertising, Journal of Advertising, 47(2), pp. 161-181, (ABS ranking = 3*, 2018 Impact factor: 3.518, number of citations: 29 (Scopus), number of downloads: 2017)

Stathakopoulos, V., Kottikas, K., Painesis, G., Theodorakis, I. and Kottika, E. (2022), Why shape a market? Empirical evidence on the prominent firm-level and market-level outcomes of market-driving strategy, Journal of Business Research, 139(February), pp. 1240-1254, (ABS ranking = 3*, 2022 Impact factor: 10.969, number of citations: 2 (Scopus)

Theodorakis, I. and Painesis, G. (2022), Ad eroticism from a psychological distance perspective: Investigating its effects in light of consumers’ sex, ethical judgments, and moral attentiveness, Journal of Business Research, 142(March), pp. 524-539, (ABS ranking = 3*, 2022 Impact factor: 10.969)