Research Team

Our research team consists of seven academics from Prague University of Economics and Business from three Departments: Department of Marketing, Department of Strategy and Department of Logistics.


Main Solver

Dr. Efthymia Kottika is Assistant Professor at Prague University of Economics and Business at the Department of Marketing. She specializes in market and entrepreneurial orientation of Small-Medium Enterprises, market driving organizations, consumer empowerment and business strategic communication responses within crisis conditions (i.e., social media storms). Her research has been published in leading Journals such as Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management and International Journal of Tourism Research and in the proceedings of over 25 international conferences of renowned scientific bodies such as the: American Marketing Association Global Marketing SIG, Academy of Management, European Academy of Management and European Marketing Academy, to name a few. She has worked as an academic and researcher in three countries (Greece, United Kingdom and Czech Republic) and has received/ been nominated for several awards for her teaching and research endeavors. She has co-authored the book “Social Media Storms: Empowering Leadership Beyond Crisis Management” that is published by Routledge and has developed market research projects for the automotive industry.


Leading Researchers

Dr. Jindřich Špička is a Full Professor at the Prague University of Economics and Business at the Department of Strategy. He lectures on enterprise risk management, scenario planning, and statistical methods for quantitative research at the Faculty of Business Administration.  He has a long-standing research interest in the agri-food sector in the area of impact evaluation of investment support and business sustainability. Currently, he is involved in research of collaborative market driving and international contract research on the evolution of barriers that hinder the sustainable transition of SMEs. His research has been published in recognized journals such as International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, International Journal of Emerging Markets, European Journal of International Management, and Agricultural Economics-Czech. He also works as the editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Central European Business Review. He is a member of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Strategic Management Society.


Dr. Zuzana Chytkova is Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing, Prague University of Economics and Business. She specializes in qualitative consumer-related research. In particular, her research falls within the area of Consumer Culture Theory, which focuses on the socio-historical and symbolic aspects of consumption and consumption as an active practice, which is co-constitutive of marketing activities. Her research was published in high-quality international journals such as Consumption Markets and Culture, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and presented at highly recognized international conferences such as Association for Consumer Research conference or Consumer Culture Theory conference.


Dr. Miroslav Karlíček is Associate Professor and the Head of the Marketing Department at Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), Czech Republic. His primary research interest includes strategic business orientations, the role of marketing in companies, marketing performance, and arts marketing. His work has been published in several monographs and journals, such as the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, as well as in many proceedings of peer-reviewed international conferences (e.g., European Marketing Academy). He has also developed several market research projects for business and arts institutions. He has gained practical experience working at Ogilvy Public Relations, being responsible for media relations and PR strategy for numerous international brands. He had a semester-long research stay at HEC School of Management. This stay was a part of the Corporate Chair position sponsored by L’Oréal.


Dr. Konstantinos G. Kottikas is a Researcher at Prague University of Economics and Business at the Department of Marketing. He obtained his Ph.D. on Innovative Marketing Strategies (Market-driven vs. Market-driving) from Athens University of Economics and Business. His research interests include firms’ market-driving orientation, strategic orientations and advertising. His work has been published in Journal of Business Research and Industrial Marketing Management, as well as in proceedings of important peer-reviewed international conferences (e.g. American Marketing Association, European Marketing Academy, and European Academy of Management). He also serves as a Policy Analyst at the National Documentation Centre, of the Ministry of Digital Governance of Greece. In the past he was a Lecturer at the Athens Metropolitan College (in collaboration with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, U.K.). He has worked as Research Consultant at the Athens University of Economics and Business, were he was involved in numerous market research projects (indicative industries: food & beverages, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals).


Dr. Marek Vinš is Assistant Professor at Prague University of Economics and Business at the Department of Logistics. He specializes in supply chain management. He is member of Research, Development and Innovation Section of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, member of the International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association and member of Center for Sustainability Management at Prague University of Economics and Business. He has held several senior management positions in private sector. He has conducted several contractual research projects for the automotive industry mainly focusing on procurement systems, supplier management and sustainability.


Dr. Václav Stříteský is an Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Business Administration at Prague University of Economics and Business. He is an author and a co-author of over ninety publications, including various research papers and scientific monographs in the fields of consumer behaviour and digital marketing and advertising. He has been engaged, as a researcher, on several research projects which were financed by grants from the Czech Science Foundation. His paper Computational approaches for mining user’s opinions on the Web 2.0 was among the top 10 most downloaded papers in the journal Information Processing & Management. Since 2009 he has been a tutor in the international CEMS program. In 2021 he was awarded CEMS Business Project of the Year. He also works as a consultant and lecturer of professional training for corporate clients. He is a member of expert juries such as the Internet Effectiveness Awards.