Name Office Phone E-mail
Head of Department
doc. Ing. Miroslav Karlíček, Ph.D.
RB 434 +420 224 098 434
Deputy Head of Department
doc. Mgr. Radek Tahal, PhD.
RB 431 +420 224 098431

Ing. Kateřina Řezníčková

RB 433 +420 224 09 8433
Associated Professors
doc. Ing. Jana Boučková, CSc.
RB 402 +420 224 09 8402
doc.Ing. Jan Koudelka, CSc. RB 403 +420 224 09 8403
doc. Ing. Václav Stříteský, Ph.D. RB 403 +420 224 09 8703
Assistant Profeessors
Ing. Petr Bartoš RB 432
Ing. Jitka Černá, Ph.D. RB 430 +420 224 09 8730
Ing. Michaela Dvořáková RB 432 +420 224 09 8732
Ing. Olga Horová, Ph.D. RB 430 +420 224 09 8430
Mgr. Zuzana Chytková, Ph.D. RB 402 +420 224 09 8402
Ing. Daniela Kolouchová RB 432 +420 224 09 8432
Efthymia Kottika, Ph.D. RB 404 +420 224 09 8704
Ing. Martin Machek, Ph.D. RB 432
RB 536
+420 224 09 8836
Graeme Simon Murray RB 404 +420 224 09 8404
Mgr. Marek  Novinský RB 401 + 420 224 09 8701
Ing. Markéta Procházková, Ph.D. RB 402 +420 224 09 8702
Ing. David Říha, Ph.D., MBA RB 404 +420 224 09 8404
MgA. Marie Vítová-Dušková RB 402
Ing. Oldřich Vávra, CSc. RB 431 +420 224 09 8731
Ing. Marcela Zamazalová, Ph.D. RB 401 +420 224 098 401
Mgr. Stéphanie Vigier Zouhar RB 430 +420 224 09 8430

External staff

Name E-mail
Ing. David Duroň
Daniel Jesenský, Ph.D., MSc., MBA
Ing. Libor Mertl
Ing. Petra Průšová
Mgr. Jiří Vítek


Visiting Professors

Dr. Kai Frhr. von Schilling (Germany)

Almost 30 years of practical experience in publishing and media technology, Kai Schilling runs at present a Munich based company, as its CEO. This company operates a b2b web-portal which faciliates the process of planning, booking and executing print ad campaigns. Mr. Schilling enjoys / has enjoyed teaching at verious universities, i.e. the University of Mannheim, Mannheim, and the German School of Journalism, Munich. His main field of interest covers the topics of media economics, media marketing and media managment. Kai Schilling is a member of the board in various, mostly media companies.

Prof. Joerg Kraigher-Krainer (Austria)

Joerg Kraigher-Krainer works as a Professor of Marketing and as the Vice Dean Research at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences, Campus Steyr. In 2006 he received his Venia Docendi in Economy. Until 1999 he worked as the CMO of an international Insurance Company. He gives guest lectures on a regular basis at the University Graz, and the University of Economics Prague. Research foci are Customer Decision Making and Customer Value.

Prof. Andreas Zehetner (Austria)

Andreas Zehetner is professor of Marketing and Sales Management at Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, School of Management. He is teaching B2B marketing, marketing research and sales management at various undergraduate and graduate degree programmes at his school and as a visiting professor at selected universities abroad. His major research interests lie in the fields of organizational buying behaviour (OBB) and B2B marketing communications.

Dr. Michael Stros (Switzerland)

Michael Stros is a Head of marketing group at the University of Applied Sciences and Art of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing at Aston University, UK. His teaching focuses mainly on Market Research, Research Methods, Marketing and Business Management. Michael’s research interests are in the areas of Pharmaceutical Marketing, B2B and Personal Sales. He has published several research articles and has authored a book. His teaching and research benefits from his practical and commercial experiences.

Besides academia, Michael works as a Marketing and Sales consultant. In his previous professional activities, Michael was a Sales Manager for International Biotech Companies and held several positions as a member of advisory board and consultancy companies.