External Researchers

Dr. Marek Novinský conducted his PhD level studies at the Department of Marketing. His thesis title is “Market orientation in SMEs: Effects of top management emphasis and selected internal enablers on market orientation level elevation and enterprise performance.” He has worked as a researcher in the field of biosciences and has spent almost fifteen years as a marketing executive or consultant mostly in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined the Department of Marketing in 2009 as an Assistant Professor teaching strategic marketing and marketing management classes in the master programs both academic and executive.

Dr. Grigorios Painesis is a Researcher at Prague University of Economics and Business at the Department of Marketing. He obtained his Ph.D. on Consumer Behavior and Retail Marketing from Athens University of Economics and Business. His research interests lie in the areas of advertising, sales promotions, retailing and marketing strategy. His work has been published in Journal of Business Research and Journal of Advertising, as well as in many proceedings of peer-reviewed international conferences (e.g., American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, American Academy of Advertising, British Academy of Management, European Marketing Academy and International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association). He also serves as a Senior Data Analyst at the National Documentation Centre, of the Ministry of Digital Governance of Greece and as a Teaching Fellow at Athens University of Economics and Business. He has worked as Research Consultant and Data Analyst at the Athens University of Economics and Business, were he was involved in numerous market research projects (indicative industries: food & beverages, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, retailing).