Minor Specialization – Sales Management

Minor specialization (taught in Czech) provides a comprehensive program of preparation for key management positions in sales and trade (Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Manager responsible for sales, sales representative), across the entire spectrum of industries from consumer sales, durable goods, to services, B2B, B2G and more.

Students will not only get an overview of the key concepts, tools and practices used in business and sales, but also acquire the necessary practical skills. In teaching is also heavily involved a number of companies from practice.

Success in the minor specialization creates good basis for the career in business and sales departments of both, domestic and foreign companies. The acquired knowledge creates an excellent starting platform for a successful managerial career and own business. Minor specialization is open to all students of Prague University of Economics and Business.

Ident Název předmětu ECTS
3MG526 Marketing & Sales 6
3MG527 Sales a Key Account Management 6
3PS528 Training of Communication and Presentation Skills for Sales 6
3PS529 Sales Negotiation 6
3MA530 Management of Sales Teams 6