Minor Specialization – Marketing

The minor specialization (taught in Czech) offers students a compact professional preparation program for a managerial positions in marketing (brand manager, product manager, marketing manager, etc.) across the entire spectrum of industries from consumer goods through services, pharmaceuticals, ICT to B2B, and others. Students receive not only knowledge of key concepts, tools and processes, but also practical experience and chance to use their skills.The program melds together strategic as well as very practical aspects of the process involved in the identification and capitalization of emerging market opportunities. Successful in the program gives students a solid basis for careers in the marketing departments of local or international companies, as well as their own entrepreneurial projects.

Ident Course name ECTS
3MG521 Product/Brand Marketing 6
3MG522 Marketing Research 6
3MG523 Market Segmentation 6
3MG524 Communication Planning 6
3MG525 Strategic Marketing and Inovation 6