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Publication in the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

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Members of the departement published in the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society. The title of the paper is Social Media Engagement of Berlin and Prague Museums. The authors are Bojana Suzič, Miroslav Karlíček and Václav Stříteský. The abstract of the paper is available here:

Attracting visitors and engaging them effectively in the highly competitive and saturated environment shaped by Web 2.0 and online social networking forces museums to creatively and purposefully examine channels for extended interaction with audiences. This exploratory and comparative research aims to compare the state of social media strategies across museums of two regions and to identify the influence of applied strategies on users’ reactions. The surveyed sample considers 296 museums from two European capitals—Berlin and Prague—whose activity has been observed during a three-month period. The findings identify the differences in the approaches of museums and suggest that the frequency and characteristics of published messages correlate to the level of fan reactions, facilitating targeted relationship-building possibilities with online audiences. They further imply that the museums can influence the engagement of visitors by focusing on the particular properties of their posts, both in the sense of post structure, media application, and underlying semantic features.

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